Policy Development

  • Efficient

    At Insight Austria, we apply the insights of Behavioural Economics to identify and unlock various forms of potential suited to increase efficiency. Our expertise allows to find ways in which tight budgets can be streamlined in a manner that benefits all parties involved.

  • Targeted

    We apply the insights of Behavioural Economics to tailor policy solutions precisely to the factors governing the conduct of particular groups of individuals or collectives in specific contexts.

  • People-oriented

    We develop policy solutions suited to render not only maximum impact but also a maximum of acceptance. Given that minor changes sometimes have major consequences, we are committed to taking account of the details of human existence and ensuring that policy solutions are predicated on transparent and service-oriented forms of cooperation and assent.

Policy Evaluation

  • Evidence-Based

    At Insight Austria, we develop policy solutions that are, as a matter of course, evidence-based and tested with the help of rigorous pilot studies, helping you to avoid teething problems, unnecessary delays and additional costs when implementing them.

  • Causal

    The understanding of cause-and-effect links between relevant determinants and desired outcomes is needed to create solutions with impact. We can investigate such causal relationships using randomised controlled trials,

  • Scientific

    Our team works to the highest academic standards and rigorously applies the most up-to-date methodologies and insights developed in the field of Behavioural Economics and other relevant disciplines.