Behavioral Economic Policy Development

  • Efficient

    Insight Austria specialises on identifying and unlocking potential for increased efficiency. Tight budgets can be streamlined via intelligent improvements in efficiency, to the benefit of all parties involved.

  • Accurate

    Behavioral economics addresses people’s individual contexts. It is only by understanding and taking behavioral limitations seriously that accurate, sound policies can be designed.

  • People-oriented

    Insight Austria employs recent insights from fundamental research in the field of behavioral economics to design policies that are maximised for impact and acceptance. Human details are decisive, seeing how small changes sometimes have big consequences when it comes to a transparent and service-oriented coexistence.

Policy Evaluation

  • Evidence Based

    Insight Austria has expertise in developing evidence-based policy measures. We analyse the status quo, design appropriate measures and establish their effectiveness before they are implemented on a larger scale. That saves you a substantial amount of trouble, money and time.

  • Causal

    Using randomised control trials as our scientific methodology, we can clearly establish causal relationships. It is only the understanding of cause-and-effect links that can constitute the foundation of evidence-based policy.

  • Scientific

    Scientific rigour is of utmost importance for Insight Austria. Our experienced and internationally acknowledged researches are always up to date with the latest methodological tools and insights.